Questions, questions…



1. Do you want to go to a yurt in Lewes tonight?

2. Any condiments with that?

3. What can you grow in a poly tunnel this time of year?

4. Want to know why bears lick tree bark before they hibernate?

5. How do you pronounce George Clooney’s wife’s name?

6. Excuse me, do you smoke?

7. Would you like to go for a proper coffee sometime?

8. Why don’t we get drunk?

9. Is this your first time?

10. You know they take your nipples off, don’t you?



1. Labour plans for a minimum wage of £8 an hour by 2020. 2020?

2. Do I download Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ or wait for ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 90’?

3. Greg Wise. Would I?

4. That young Spanish waiter. I would, wouldn’t I?

5. Could I really have done that with a razor blade?

6. My Fiat 500. White or metallic brown?

7. Winter boots or Converse hi-tops today?

8. It’s the first week in October – why is there a Christmas tree in M & S?

9. You don’t spell Dick Van Dyck with a ‘c’ like that, do you?

10. What would I buy with that £100 million Euromillions jackpot?


I came up with the idea for this blog after one particular question jumped out at me during a conversation I was having. I thought it would be interesting to make a note of questions I was asked and questions I asked myself during a given time. The rules I set  were that the questions must be true, and not asked intentionally for the purposes of the list, and that the source of the question wouldn’t be revealed, thus making the standalone comments more bizarre or intriguing. Readers can make their own minds up as to how the question came about or what the topic of conversation was. Give it a go!