More questions…


1. So the bread you were eating had already been eaten at by a dormouse?

2. What exactly is katsu?

3. Is that your job – you paint carousel horses?

4. In your opinion, do I need to worry about this mark on my face?

5. Is that what cats do before they’re ready to die?

6. I can make rice pudding with basmati rice?

7. Do you know how much sugar is in this cookie?

8. So it was just you and six women in a Turkish bath?

9. When’s the zombie walk?

10. How are you going to entice him with a pug on your chest?

As in my first Questions, Questions… blog, the rules I set myself for this exercise were that the questions must be true, and not asked intentionally for the purpose of the list, and that the source or subject matter of the question wouldn’t be revealed, thus making the comments more bizarre or intriguing. Readers can make their own minds up as to how the question came about or what the topic of conversation was. Give it a go!