Talking ‘bout a resolution

The average adult female is approximately 55 per cent water. Between Christmas and New Year, this adult female is also five per cent buck’s fizz, 10 per cent trifle, 20 per cent Ferrero Rocher and 40 per cent thinking about New Year resolutions. OK, so I need to do some work on my percentages.

And what resolutions do I have? Find a decent job? Learn French? Buy a Fiat 500 and do Route 66? Give up doing rock chick air guitar in my living room? Do more rock chick air guitar in my living room? Whatever I do, it’s time for change. Nothing wild. Just baby steps. Gently does it, Jules. I’m talking about resolutions, not revolutions. What I am going to do this year is wrap my heart up nice and warm, give it a kiss, bless it with belief, fill it with courage, surround it with trust and send it out into the big wide world again to love and be loved. We’ll set off on an adventurous journey together and, if we’re lucky, find another special heart to share life with along the way. After almost two years of dealing (or not), with loss, grief, getting by, making do, despair and darkness, it’s time for this brave yet tender heart to cherish and be cherished again. Should be an interesting year.