On it like an Easter bonnet

It’s the 8th of January, right? Thanks. Only checking. Just that Tesco is selling Easter eggs. I was looking for anti-bac wipes, where, opposite the dishwasher tablets, were four shelves of chocolate eggs, complete with an ‘Easter egg’ sign for those of us who couldn’t quite believe our eyes. It was more a rumour, a nudge of a display, ashamed of itself for being there so early. I, like other customers, did a double-take and there was an audible ‘Oh my God…,’ as someone clocked the selection from the washing powders.

Is Easter early this year? Not the 8th-of-flippin’-January-early it isn’t. Most of us still have Christmas fresh in our minds and on our waistlines. Shops are selling cut-price cards, boxes of cream- and jam-based biscuit selections have yet to be opened, and here we are being shoved straight into mid-April when 2017’s just arrived. Didn’t have your fill of Quality Street and After Eight mints during the festivities? Fear not. Retailers are on it like an Easter bonnet. And just as we were getting used to our supermarkets being rearranged for Christmas, those who knew where to find the tomato sauce will have to ketchup with yet more product re-locations to make way for buns and bunnies. For now, the display is a few shelves but, mark my words, come next week, when in retail terms, Easter will indeed be upon us, there’ll be a whole aisle devoted to chocolate treats – sure as eggs is eggs.